Some highlights

In the following we present some of our projects for Beverages, Dairies and frozen-food convenience:


Mineral water

Task: Glassdoor-cooler with big usable volume for a secondary placement at the p.o.s.

Objective: Seasonal promotion of new water flavours at high traffic spots. Field test in North Rhine-Westphalia.



Frozen food - minced meat

Task: Closed minced meat chest-freezer with a large usable volume for the market launch of halal minced meat in self-service shops.

Objective: Presentation of a new product category in Turkish supermarkets, development of new sales channels..


Soft- & Energy Drinks

Task: Different refrigerators with different designs and branding for secondary placement in food retail, HoReCa and gas stations

Objectives: Gaining market shares, expansion strategy without tying up financial resources.


Dairy products

Task: Open vertical refrigerator with large usable volume for secondary placement in food retail stores.

Objective: National field test to validate expansion plans. Data collection using IoT tools.



Task: Regional support of a product launch for secondary placement in food retail, HoReCa and gas stations.

Objective: Visibility at the p.o.s, flexibility through seasonal rent.

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